The Little Mermaid Ariel Water Ballet Game.

The Little mermaid loves to dance! How about you help her choose funky dance moves?

Join this game to see Ariel's dancing performance. This little mermaid looks so wonderful and lovely when she dances in the ocean. Making princess Ariel dance her water ballet, it is fun and easy.
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Use your mouse to make the little mermaid dance.
Making Ariel dance liei Water Ballet is fun and as easy as 1- 2-3!
STEP 1: Choose Ariel's dance moves by using the arrows to scroll through her moves and then click next.
STEP 2: Select Ariel's music and then click on the Play Your Performance button to see her dance away!
STEP 3: Once she's done you'll he able to eithei replay her performance ot have fun creating a whole new one!