Snow White Way to Whistle Game.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves love to make music! Help Snow White remember the tune by repeating all the musical notes that her friends play.

You have to help Snow White to remember the tune by repeating every note that the dwarfs play. Be careful and watch the dwarf when play his part. Click on the dwarf and show that you are following the tune. Whistle with the dwarves. Great music and memory game! Each turn makes the song one note longer. See how many notes you can memorize. The longer the tune goes, the tougher it gets. ractice makes perfect. You can do it!
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Use the mouse and repeat what notes Snow White's friends are playing.

Watch the first dwarf play his part. You'll notice musical notes and a magical glow around the dwarf who's performing.
Next, click on the dwarf to show that you're following the tune.
Now that you've got the first note down, die next dwarf will add his note onto the song.
Click the dwarves in the light order to continue the performance.