Princess Jewel Box Game.

Play a fun Disney princess Card game! Draw princes, villains and see who has the most cards in the end!

Think you can beat the computer in this fun Disney Card game? The person with the most cards at the end of the game wins. Each time you win, you get a Princess collector card. Try to collect as many of the 18 Princess Collector cards as you can! To begin, draw a card from either of the two stacks in the card area. The game will continue to the left around the table, each player drawing a card on their turn. The game ends when all of the cards from both stacks have been drawn. Every card has its own meaning, so be careful!
princess pearls

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When you draw a green item card, it is added to your stack.
If you draw a blue prince card, it is added to your stack and you get to draw again.
If you draw a purple villain card, you lose all of your cards amd they are added to the free zone.
If you draw apink card, you get all of the cards in the free zone.