Beauty And The Beast Best Guess Game.

Play the fun puzzle game with Beauty and the Beast. Guess the right Disney character combination.

You have 10 tries to guess the random order of the Disney characters, that is selected by Princess Belle and the Beast. Belle and the Beast will tell you how many Disney characters you got right and wrong after each guess — but they won't say which Disney characters they are referring to! It's up to you to find out. Use the pegs at the right to help figure out the pattern. Blue peg: correct Disney character correct position. Red peg: correct Disney character incorrect position.
princess pearls

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Drag the characters to the game board and put them in the squares on the lowest empty row.
When the row is all filled in click GO to submit a guess.
Blue peg means correct character and correct position, and red peg means
correct Disney character and incorrect position. Good luck!.